VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 724S Super Brite Sensor Brush

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  • Super-Charged Fiber Technology (SCF) is combining both nano-coating technologies along with super thin fibers which are utilized to enhance charges of the brush fibers and maximize lift capability
  • Equipped with two bright LED lights
  • Enhanced fiber cleaning through patented rotary motion
  • No canned air — TRAVEL SAFE
  • Three-stage power button
  • Metal ferrule is attached to the body of the Arctic Butterfly® through a non-conductive joint

Note: requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)



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Super Charged Fibers (SCF) technology sets Arctic Butterfly® 724S Super Bright Sensor Brush®device from other sensor cleaning brushes and pens. Nano-coating technology along with super thin fibers are utilized to enhance charges of the brush fibers and maximize lift capability. Further, the Sensor Brushes® rotary motion allows for charging and cleaning of the brush itself without the use of canned air.

Super Charged Fibers are secured into the head of the Sensor Brush without the use of glue or other adhesive substances to avoid long-term pollution by the break-down of the adhesive and loose bristles on the digital camera sensor during the cleaning process. Super Charged Fibers and the method of securing them in place make the procedure of cleaning a sensor safe on any digital camera device.

Arctic Butterfly 724

The Arctic Butterfly® 724S Sensor Brush® is equipped with two super bright LED lights that illuminates the sensor while in operation. This illumination reduces the possibility of fibers being dragged accidentally against the surrounding cavity hence reducing the potential cause of smear usually caused by contaminated fibers. The bright two LED of Arctic Butterfly® 724 makes dust locating an easier task for the sensor cleaning operator.

The DC rotary engine has been modified to meet a certain RPM standard. It generates an optimal centrifugal force that enables speedy dust rejection while increasing the charge enhancement of the fibers.

Because of its safety features, all models of the Arctic Butterfly® Sensor Brush® can be safely used on ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated sensors and digital cameras with built-in sensor cleaning systems.


  • Requires two (2) AAA batteries (not included). Use high-quality batteries for the best performance.
  • Remove the batteries before traveling on an airplane.
  • Do not use on camera chamber or parts other than the sensor, otherwise, you will smear the sensor.
  • Wash inside the cap occasionally with mild soap or in case of a smear.
  • The brush is already inserted into the device, however, if the brush comes off (or if you pull it out of the device to wash the brush filaments), you can always attach it back to the device. Do not use glue! The brush is meant to attach to device without glue.
  • When removing the cap, do not pull it straight off. Instead, “unscrew the cap following the direction of the arrow”.


  1. Make sure your camera’s battery is fully charged, or use your AC connector for the camera.
  2. Expose the sensor by following your camera’s manual.
  3. Turn the device on and spin the brush 3 times for 5 seconds. This will enhance the fiber charges and dislodge any particles within the fibers via centripetal force.
  4. After recharging bristles, insert brush width to width of the sensor. Avoid bringing Sensor Brush® fibers in contact with the camera’s chamber area.
  5. Rotate and gently rest bristles on far edge of the sensor.
  6. Take the Arctic Butterfly® 724S and gently brush across your sensor ONCE. Do not spin the brush while on the sensor! Keep your fingers away from the power button on the device while cleaning the sensor to prevent accidental spinning.
  7. Lift from the sensor, rotate brush width to width of the sensor and remove.
  8. Use a Sensor Loupe® to inspect the sensor.
  9. Release the camera shutter and proceed with checking the image for evidence of dust particles.
  10. Repeat steps 3 through 6 if necessary.

Dry Clean Manual

Visibledust sensor cleaning solutions and swabs are calibrated to work together to produce optimal and safe results. Please DO NOT USE alternative solutions with our swab. A simple grain of quartz that is found in cheaper solutions are enough to produce an expensive scratch on the low pass filter. Our solutions are manufactured to the highest standard of quality that is practiced in pharmaceutical industries.

Visibledust solutions are calibrated for NORMAL evaporative rates:

  1. to keep the swab moist at all time to reduce the risk of scratch
  2. to increase the cleaning power, less swabbing more economical
  3. to reduce friction by being moist all time during swabbing

The potential risk of FAST evaporative solutions used as sensor cleaning are the following:

  1. an increase in the risk of damage and stress to sensor coating by using a premature dry swab
  2. a great reduction in cleaning power by shortening the contact time between contaminants and solution due to the increased evaporation rate of the solution
  3. increase in friction by using a premature drying swab, resulting in static charge build-up leading to an even greater dust accumulation on the sensor

Our cleaning liquids are intended to be placed on the swab first, so the concern for liquid seeping through the sensor is not valid or accurate. On the other hand, the disadvantages of a generic brand or FAST evaporative liquid used for sensor cleaning may in fact may cause damage to the sensor by requiring repeat swabbing and is not recommended.


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